Welcome to Kaya Coffee House

Coffee. Tea. Food. That’s what we do. And we try to do it in the most delicious, earth-friendly way we can. We are a local, independently owned coffee house serving fairly-traded, organic, coffee, tea, and espresso drinks; along with freshly-made sandwiches, salads, soups, and our own Thai-style Red Curry.

We also love music, art, and poetry, so we do that too. Open Mic nights, Poetry Slams, featured art from CMU’s students, community jam sessions, and concerts with area performers are all part of the life here at Kaya.

Oh, and we love people too. Just steps away from the CMU campus and downtown Mt. Pleasant, this cozy place has an eclectic clientele. Students, professors, the Knitting Club, French Club, young and not-so-young all seem to find a place here to meet, study or just be. Kaya’s interesting vibe seems to fit the “one size fits most” rule.

Kaya, (pronounced Ki-yah) is the Turkish word for “rock.” Come on in and let us be your rock, your place of strength and security with good coffee, good people, and good food. Admittedly, Kaya is a bit quirky too, so all types of life-forces usually fit right in. Come join us, “this is where it’s art.”